I started out teaching in the early 90's. I taught severely behaviorally disordered students, some in Special Education working below grade level and some in the general curriculum. That taught me how to multitask as a teacher. I have several different levels in my room and sometimes even had more than one subject of instruction at the same time. When I started out, no one was able to tell me how I was supposed to do all of that at one time and still give quality instruction. However, by my second year, I had my game plan down. It is very possible to give quality instruction under those circumstances.

I then went back to school and got my license as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology in Texas. I have spent the last ten years diagnosing a variety of disabilities and consulting with teachers. I help set up programs for students and consider myself a source of support for teachers and students. I have also been the autism expert in my district for the past 9 years and what I have learned about working with children with autism is considerable.

I love to write and have written a small library of articles (expanding constantly) that I hope will be helpful to teachers. If you find what you are looking for here, please post a comment and let me know. If you need information that you do not find here, please let me know that too. Thanks

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Updates on Articles

Although I am constantly updating and adding new articles, my post dates might be old. That is because, rather than add a new post, I generally add my new articles to the same article list I started with. That makes it easier for everyone to find relevant articles. I have just added new articles related to working with children with autism. More and more, general education teachers are teaching in mainstream classrooms with higher functioning children with autism and asperger's. While they have great learning potential, they often require unique accommodations. The strategies shown in these articles should help ensure a successful school year.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Article Library

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Classroom Behavior

Classroom Organization

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  2. How to Grade With Rubrics
  3. How to Use Rubrics to Increase Student Performance
  4. How to Grade Special Education Students


Safe Schools

Teaching Children with Autism